Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Training Hits & Misses: Game 32 vs. Seattle

The 25-man roster is now set (via Thomas Harding).  

In addition to holding Drew Pomeranz off the roster until he's needed on April 15, the Rockies will also hold Jamie Moyer off the opening day roster but will activate him prior to Saturday's game in Houston. That affords Jim Tracy some position player depth in case the opener goes extras and even if Troy Tulowitzki's elbow is still barking.

Most surprising name on the roster: Tyler Chatwood

I didn't see this coming, but it actually makes sense to have Chatwood around early in the season when the starters may not go as deep into the game. He's the type of guy that can give 2-3 innings at a moment's notice, so that's a nice option for Jim Tracy. That said, he'll probably be the pitcher that goes down once Moyer and Pomeranz come up and the roster is set because he needs the most seasoning and doesn't project as a reliever.

Most surprising name missing: Edgmer Escalona

The only thing Escalona had going against him this spring was the option remaining on his contract. Well, that, and a rough outing today that included beaning Jesus Montero (awful timing). Yeah, overall it was a tough day for Edgmer, but he'll be back in the big leagues soon enough you can bet on that.


Bud Selig 

Hats off to the commish and his friends for wasting no time in handing out a five game suspension (plus an undisclosed fine) to Ubaldo Jimenez. It's the correct punishment and hopefully it sends the message to Jimenez that it's time to grow up and move on.

Wilin Rosario 

Celebrates making the team with a ringing double of Felix Hernandez and then adds a mammoth home run later in the game. Kid is some kind of strong.


Every position player not named Wilin Rosario 

The rest of the Rockies offense combined to go 1-for-22 until minor league campers Juan Crousset (who the...) and Wil Nieves collected hits in the ninth. And we can't blame all of that futility on Felix Hernandez because he was bored and ready to go home after four innings.

Got Their Work In 

Jamie Moyer 

5 IP, 4 R (1 ER), BB, 5 K (109 pitches, 70 strikes)

Moyer threw a lot of pitches today, which was essential. He wasn't very effective though, as a Mariners lineup full of singles hitters singled him to death. I guess it's probably a good thing that's all the Houston Astros lineup has as well.

Oh, yeah, and the score in case you're wondering 

Rough outing from Moyer coupled with little offense leads to an easy 7-2 win for Seattle.

What's next 

A rematch with the Mariners comes your way on Tuesday at 2:10 MT. Root Sports (Rockies version) will be there again to describe the action.

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