Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rock Solid Recap: Tyler Colvin Is Unconscious, Drew Pomeranz Is Just Plain Confident

Rockies 5, Nationals 1 (boxscore)

Winning Player #1: Tyler Colvin

Dude took Stephen Strasburg deep twice on Friday night. I wouldn't put his hot streak in the same category as Troy Tulowitzki's 2010 September, or just about any of Carlos Gonzalez's torrid stretches, but this is pretty damn special.

It was also nice to see him get a little help tonight from Dexter Fowler, who also homered as the Rockies defeated Strasburg for the second time in as many weeks.

Hey, remember when everybody was arguing over Fowler and Colvin and who should play, who should sit,  and all that? It looks like everybody was right, so let's all pat ourselves on the back!

Winning Player #2: Drew Pomeranz - 6 1/3 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 2 BB, 6 K, 81 pitches (52 strikes)

Pure brilliance from Pomeranz against a premier offense that had scored 32 runs over their last four games... against San Francisco no less. And he did it almost exclusively with fastballs (74 of 81 pitches) because he locating it with precision and Wil Nieves allowed him to stick with what was working.

From The Denver Post:

"I don't remember the last time I threw that many, but my location was really good tonight," Pomeranz said. 

Keep throwing them. It could have been have been 100 fastballs out of 110 if he was allowed to go the distance. It really doesn't matter how many times he throws it when it's that good. And when it's that good, it's only going to make his other pitches that much more effective if and when he decides/needs to use them.

Now if we can only convince the Rockies to put Pomeranz into a normal rotation, things will be great here. I don't care what they do with Jeff Francis or Jeremy Guthrie. Pomeranz and Christian Friedrich need to be raised like big leaguers. Pitch them every fifth day and put no pitch limits on them. They're the FUTURE. This season is now about playing for the FUTURE. Develop them correctly, not with some out of whack desperation system designed to make the general manager look innovative (ie save his ass).

Get it in order all the all-star break. I beg of you.

What's Next: We have afternoon action on Saturday with a 2:05 pitch scheduled. And it's looking like another solid pitching matchup with a pair of veteran lefties that are clicking of late. For Colorado, it'll be Jeff Francis (2-1, 5.16). For Washington, it's All-Star Gio Gonzalez (11-3, 3.01).

I'm looking very much forward to this one.

Final Thoughts: I originally published this as a Recrap. If that isn't a sad commentary about this season, I don't know what is. Need to change the routine up, Rockies!

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