Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Links and Things: Juan Nicasio, Ben Petrick, Aaron Cook, Mike McCoy. Yes, Mike McCoy

Another quiet week on the Rockies hot stove. I can't even think of any new, potentially interesting rumors that popped up. Pretty much the status quo, with the same names, teams, and minimal movement. But there was one big piece of news at least. Exciting news to boot, and that's what leads off our links for today.

1. Juan Nicasio faced live hitters and is on track to pitch in spring training! Denver Post

This is absolutely sensational news, but I guess we shouldn't be surprised considering the fearlessness and the toughness Nicasio showed on the mound last season. Still, to think about how devastating Nicasio's injury had the potential to be, compared to where he is now, it's remarkable. Go get'em, Juan!

2. Here's an update on former Rockies prospect Ben Petrick's battle with Parkinson's Disease. ESPN E:60

3. Remembering Aaron Cook and his sinker. RoxPile

Much like Juan Nicasio, Aaron Cook forever earned my respect by overcoming a potentially life-altering/life-threatening situation to return to baseball. Think about that and then marvel at it, because that's pretty damn special. So yes, even though Aaron Cook's ending with the Colorado Rockies was far from storybook, it doesn't matter. The first 25 chapters were more than good enough to make up for it.

Don't remember Aaron Cook for the baseballs that bounced through the infield and landed over the fence in 2010 and 2011, remember Aaron Cook for the courage and resilience he continues to show, for those are two attributes we are all measured by every day we live. Believe me, few can measure up to Aaron Cook.

4. I just wanted to say a few words in defense of Denver Broncos Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy. It seems Broncos fans kinda hate the guy, much like Rockies fans hated hitting coach Don Baylor. Of course we learned not long after Baylor was fired that he wasn't really the problem. I believe the same can be said for McCoy with the Broncos (a playoff team, by the way).

In a league full of selfish head coaches and coordinators, I hope that McCoy is someday given credit for being the exact opposite. There are not, I repeat and emphasis NOT, many coaches out there who would be willing to change his offense, to go away from his comfort zone, all for one player. But that's exactly what McCoy has done for Tim Tebow. That's not his offense, that's the offense that give the Denver Broncos the best chance to win right now.

Hate the offense all you want, but it's what he has to do. He has no idea what he's getting from his QB in a given week, but you notice there are always big plays to be had if the QB makes his throws. I applaud him for making that possible.

McCoy's offensive scheme also allows the Broncos to win two different ways. If Tebow has an on day or the opposing defense plays undisciplined, the Broncos can outscore you. If neither happens, he can stay conservative and hope the defense/special teams show up. People still don't want to admit it, but their defense did win them a few games and that offensive strategy was proven smart.

If neither scenario happens, well, then you have Buffalo and Detroit. But at least you've given yourself about a 66% chance for things to go well. With the Broncos current talent roster, that's a far better chance than they should have to win. It's a 5-11 team that I honestly believe is coached very well, absolutely caught a few breaks, and then played their best game of the season at the right time against Pittsburgh.

Tip your cap to Mike McCoy. He played a big role in all of those things coming together. As a Chicago Bears fan, I wish they could one time find a coordinator that could make the sacrifice, that could get past his own ego, and could ignore thinking about his next job, all for the betterment of the team the way Mike McCoy has for Denver.

The End.