Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Plan For 2013

Stunning how little significant activity we've seen from the Rockies this offseason, isn't it?

Well, unless you consider the Manny Corpas signing on Wednesday an impact signing, which of course it isn't. But hey, I like Manny a lot and will always appreciate his efforts from the days before Jim Tracy blew his arm up, so I can't complain about it and certainly hope it ends up working out better than expected.

Anyway, the blog certainly won't be as silent as it has been during the offseason once spring training gets underway, but it also won't be as active as past seasons. That's because other writing opportunities and work assignments will require a lot of attention, making it increasingly difficult for me to write recaps - or recraps - after each game. 

Honestly, I'm very proud of the fact I haven't missed a single recap since the blog opened three years ago and have been able to offer something resembling a fresh take every time, but to be at my best here and to be at my best elsewhere, I'll need to change things up and take a different approach to the site. What that means exactly is still up in the air, but you'll still read plenty of thoughts from me in one form or another. That much is guaranteed. 

I look at the changes two different ways. 

1) The games I am able to watch live I will actually be able to watch intently instead of half-watch and mostly listening while preparing my recaps. 

2) It will allow me to be more of a fan and actually interact with other fans on Twitter during games.

I'm actually very excited about both of those things, and feel the changes will help keep my perspective fresher and my sanity more completely intact.

The former far more likely than the latter, obviously. 

So that's where we are right now. 

Players rankings, screen grabs, lineup cards and all the other fun things will remain. Dissecting of Walt Weiss press conferences may become a thing, too, depending on how overwhelmed he becomes by the unfortunate circumstances he's been placed into. 

It will likely be another mostly frustrating, often painful season, but we'll still try to make it as fun as possible, since that's kinda the point of the game anyway.

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