Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cordially Invited to Tucson: Rockies Non-Roster Infielders

Jonathan Herrera -- Herrera had a brief sniff of the bigs back in 2008 when Tulo pulled the quad.  There was some pretty noticable talent there that could develop into a switch-hitting Omar Quintanilla.  You could do a lot worse than that for your 25th man.  Unfortunately for Jon, he's competing for the 26th roster spot that doesn't exist.  A spring training trade would not surprise me.

Darin Holcomb -- Holcomb is a guy often overlooked because of his size and lack of athleticism.  That means he'll have a lot to prove when his number gets called early in the spring.  That's the type of guy I like to keep my eye on.

Jeff Kindel -- Kindel is the new Joe Koshansky.  Todd Helton, Jason Giambi, and now even Brad Hawpe will see time at first base this season.  That mean Kindel's path is not just blocked, it's blocked with several tons of concrete.  

Omar Quintanilla -- We're all familiar with Omar, yes?  He's one of my sentimental favorites with the team.  I've always pulled for him to get more opportunities with the big club, but now that the Rockies bench is starting to overflow with talent and options, his days here are numbered.  Hopefully he's given a chance to go find a job somewhere else. 

Other Invitees: Michael Paulk