Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cordially Invited to Tucson: Rockies Non-Roster Outfielders

Chris Frey -- I'm always interested in Frey because he's an Illinois native, like myself, and then he moved on to the University of Arizona where my cousin watched him play ball for the Wildcats.  It doesn't look too promising for him ever cracking a 25-man roster, but he could be a guy that lingers around the minors for several years.

Cole Garner -- Pretty fast guy that doesn't offer much upside as a 25-year-old outfielder.  He gets a courtesy look as a 10th outfielder.

Matt Miller -- Miller was a terrific hitter last season in Colorado Springs, posting a .319/9/98 line.  I was a little surprised he didn't get a call-up in September for his work, but if he's able to repeat such numbers this season, he will get that call.  He's essentially this year's Matt Murton -- 6th/7th outfielder with EY Jr. looking likely to play some OF.  

Jay Payton -- I don't what Payton will have left in the tank -- I'm guessing not much -- but he's not making this team regardless.  The Rockies could benefit from a veteran like him mentoring kids in AAA, though, so I'm hopeful that's a role he's willing to accept it come to that.


List courtesy of Inside The Rockies