Friday, March 12, 2010

Hits & Misses: Spring Training Game 11

Giants 9, Rockies 2  (Boxscore)




Manny Corpas

Glorified batting practice.  Triple, double, double, double, everything struck well and ended up at the wall.  Four runs scored in the inning.  Not a very encouraging day for Manny.

Randy Flores

The bullpen woes are piling up.  Add Flores to the list of 2010 bullpen regulars that are either struggling right now or injured.  The bullpen SHOULD be a big strength for the Rockies, but there's no telling what can happen with a bullpen from year to year.  I'm not overly concened with three weeks until opening day.  Little to no improvement in 7-10 days would be a major concern.


The offense has stagnated a bit in recent days.  Chalk it up to the dog days of spring?  Sounds good to me.