Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hits & Misses: Spring Training Game 12

Brewers 7, Rockies 6 (Boxscore)


Jason Hammel

Another strong effort from the Rockies 4th or 5th starter.  No walks, two hits, two unearned runs, three strikeouts.  Hey, and another sacrifice bunt.  The little things, folks.  The little things are important.

Matt Miller

A big three-run blast gave the Rockies a short-lived 6-3 lead in the 7th inning.  Miller can hit.  Most teams would be satisfied using him as a right-handed bat and extra outfielder.  The Rockies will continue being thrilled to have him as outfield insurance in Triple A.

Jonathan Herrera

Continued strong play from a longshot roster candidate.  Herrera reached base three times: two hits and a walk.  He scored twice and did a nice job making things happen offensively.  Defensively, there was an error at short, his second of the spring.  Overall though he's been one of the more impressive guys in camp.  He may get a major league look before EY Jr. if things continue as they are.


Andrew Johnston

His first poor effort of the spring results in a loss for Johnston.  He allowed two run, home run included, in the decisive 8th inning for Milwaukee.  He's still what I consider a sleeper to make an impact in Colorado this season.

Eric Young Jr.

Another 0-for-4.  The spring average dips to .120.  His chances of making the team are all but gone.  He'll be a consistent Rockie contributar eventually, it's just not going to be anytime in the first half of 2010.

Paul Lo Duca & Jay Payton

A collective 0-for-6 drops their averages to .178 and .158 respectively.  It appears neither has anything left in the tank after sitting out 2009.  Unfortunately neither are likely to provide depth or trade value to the Rockies in 2010, which is disappointing, but not unexpected.  I guess it was worth a shot?