Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hits & Misses: Spring Training Game 21

Rockies 11, Royals 11 (Boxscore)


Chris Iannetta

Between Iannetta and Olivo... could the Rockies catchers total 40+ HRs this season? I might have to go with the over there. Both those guys have the swing going right now. As long as they both don't go cold at the same time, the Rockies should get incredible production as season long from the backstops.

Michael Paulk

Might as well rename this section after him. His ninth inning 2-run triple gave the Rockies a temporary lead. Of course everything about this game was temporary.

Eric Young Jr.

He's got it going now. Forget Herrara, Young is the first up from the minors when the Rockies need a position player.


Jhuolys Chacin

Really gonna need this kid to settle down. It's so obvious what type of talent this kid, it's just a mental switch that needs to be flipped. Trust your stuff. Don't be anxious. Just be the guy you've always been that got you to this point and repeat the same delivery every pitch. I know that's easier said than done for some, but that's where he's at. Who knows how long it'll take for him to take that one step.

Franklin Morales

Morales is due to be the Rockies closer to start the season, so dissecting his inning today is necessary. First two batters he dominated. Two quick and easy outs. Then, as Franklin all too often does, he gives up that two out hit or walk to a bottom of the order guy, and then here comes a situation.

Today it was a basehit followed by the walk. Next thing he knows EY Jr. loses a flyball in the sun and a run scores. Yes, he should have been out of the inning without the run, but it shows how easily an inning can get away if you don't focus for three outs. That's especially true in a ninth inning when a team is fighting for their survival. Needles to say, there are going to be a number squirmy 27th outs coming in this next few weeks.

The DH

I strongly disklike American League style baseball. Today was a prime example of why. At least in the old Coors Field days, while there would be high scores, the games still had a good pace to them. It's not like you felt you there all night watching crappy baseball. When I watch AL ball, it feels and looks crappy pretty often. I blame it all on the DH and the type of players that attracts to these average to below average teams. Bleh.