Monday, March 22, 2010

Hits & Misses: Spring Training Game 22

Rockies 9 Reds 1 (Boxscore)


Brad Eldred

Once again, how nice is it that the Rockies have guys like Eldred and Michael Paulk killing the baseball this spring, and nobody is talking about them making the major league team? We've come a long, long ways.

Jorge De La Rosa

He's ready. I'm ready. Ubaldo's ready. Good thing there's still two weeks left, though, since nobody else seems to be ready.

Rockeis fans

Sounded like a great gathering of Rockies fans today in Goodyear. I appreciate and tip my cap to all of you who not only make the trip to Tucson, but also those who go on the road in Arizona with the team. That's dedication, and your dedication will be rewarded next spring with shorter trips to visiting facilities.


Thom Brennaman & Jeff Brantley

Despite the 9-1 outcome, I came away from this game convinced the Reds will win 130 games this season. You thought Brennaman's Tim Tebow hype was off of the charts? Yes, way off the charts. His Aroldis Chapman hype wasn't far behind. How about we just let these kids play their game before we anoint them as anything?