Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hits & Misses: Spring Training Game 24

Rockies 10, Reds 6 (Boxscore)


Ubaldo Jimenez

Yes, he failed to get through five today, but he got his work in and maybe he got a rough outing out of the way that would have come at a worse time. He got himself an RBI knock in this game as well. That's nice to see.

Todd Helton

Typical Todd: Two hits and two walks. On base all four times up.  The Rockies plan on giving Helton several more days off this season, and I'll tell ya, if he keeps reaching base four times a game, he may need even more days off.

Troy Tulowitzki

Will this be the year Tulo gets off to a hot start? His spring would sure incident that's likely to happen, but spring never means a whole lot. Troy means a whole lot to the team though, and that's evidenced by how slowly they tend to start in conjunction with Troy's slow starts. You know what I mean?

I'm calling for a fast start for both this time around.

Matt Belisle

Continues to dominate this spring. I bet he picks up a couple saves early when Morales either needs rest or is faced with an unfavorable matchup, both of which are code for "he blew a couple saves and kinda stinks ".


Thom Brennaman

I just don't like him. Don't like listening to him. Love his dad. Could listen to his dad call a game all day. Don't like Thom. Thom is too hard to take serious when you listen to his over the top praise for Tim Tebow and anything to do with Cincinnati Reds baseball.

Juan Rincon

Thank you for that painfully long ninth inning that guaranteed the game break the three hour mark.  Enjoy your assignment to minor league camp.