Friday, March 26, 2010

Hits & Misses: Spring Training Game 25

Indians 5, Rockies 4 (Boxscore)


Melvin Mora

Four times on base for Old Man Mora today. He's going to hit, there's no question about that. He'll attempt to play all the positions the Rockies would like him to play. No doubt about that either. But will he play those position well? And will he be happy not playing five times? That's what makes me twichy at night.

Rafael Betancourt & Manny Corpas

These guys seem to be health and settling into a groove at just the right time. That absolutely has to continue while Huston Street out.

Jay Payton

Anybody want a Jay Payton while he's hot? Three big singles today.



The Rockies drew TEN walks today (FIVE thanks to Jake Westbrook). More on this in a second.



The Rockies left 12 men on base today. By the fifth inning they had 13 baserunners but only two runs. It almost felt like they were playing the Dodgers. How many times did we see games play out exactly like that against them last season? About 14 too many I think.

Jeff Francis

I'm at the point now where I don't want to hear that Greg Smith wlll start as the fifth starter, I NEED to hear it.  And then I hear Francis is scheduled to start the second game of the season.

Say it isn't so!  Putting in the rotation in itself is very questionable.  Starting him over Jorge De La Rosa is a freaking joke.  Now maybe some people will understand why I'm not sold on Jim Tracy's decision making.  This isn't a head-scratcher, it's a head-smacker.