Friday, March 5, 2010

Hits & Misses: Spring Training Game 3

Rockies 7, Angels 5  (Boxscore)


Clint Barmes 

Nice statement by Barmes with the first AB home run.  That said, I would like to see him use the entire field more at the plate instead of coming up straight pulling every time. But hey, another 23 bombs would be hard to argue with.

Ian Stewart

Much better today.  He pulled a triple deep to right off a righty.  That was vintage Stewart.  What I really liked though was the clean single to right off a tough lefty in Brian Fuentes.  He stayed on a breaking ball and just looked to take it where it was pitched. He then followed that up with a double off another lefty.   Improved approach today, especially after the powerful first AB.

Cole Garner

Nice showing for Cole with a home run and a triple. Not that it'll move him up the depth chart or anything.

Greg Smith

Two fairly smooth, but definitely scoreless innings for a kid I expect to start a couple games for the Rocks this season. Has to be good for the confidence.

Wearing out Brian Fuentes

Nothing against Brian or anything... it was just kinda nice to knock him out before he could record the third out. A small moral victory in my eyes.


Ubaldo Jimenez

It was ugly, yes, but not to worry. Those looking for an excuse can point to his late arrival to the ballpark due a traffic backup outside Tempe. I'll just point to the calendar.