Monday, April 26, 2010

In Honor of Dante Bichette's Return to Coors Field

There's no doubt Dante Bichette was the Rockies original Rock Star.

The electricity in the ballpark every time Sledgehammer played was off the charts. I know that's one of the things that drew me to Dante, along with his flare for the dramatics and his unusual batting stance that I attempted to emulate throughout with Little League and high school career. With far less success I might add.

Thankfully my mom never let me grow the mullet, but I always had the batting stance.

It'll be nice to see Dante at the ballpark tonight. His walk-off homer in that first Coors Field game is one of my favorite baseball moments. I'll always remember watching that game on ESPN (one of the few I got watch back in those days) and just being pumped beyond pumped that they won.

Thanks for that memory Dante... and welcome home.