Monday, April 26, 2010

Rock Solid Recrap: Who's Left?

Diamondbacks 5, Rockies 3

Dan Haren did what Dan Haren does best... pitch a baseball. He made it look way too easy.

By my count the Rockies only hit the ball hard twice. Carlos Gonzalez led off the first with a clothesline HR to straight away center. In the 8th, Eric Young Jr. tagged a double to right. I mean he really tagged it. I'm impressed with what I'm seeing from him since his recall.

Losing Player: Jason Hammel


And now hurt.

So here we go again with another Rockies April. Down goes Hawpe. De La Rosa has a finger problem. Now Hammel strainns a groin.  Couple those with Street and Francis and...

Who's left to pitch?

I'm guessing Chacin gets a starts for sure this weekend. I'd still have Esmil Rogers on standby. Hell, who knows, maybe Manny Corpas?

Manny Corpas

How good has he been? I mean seriously, he's pretty much the team MVP this month for the damage control he's done in these awful starts. There's no winning player or save to be handed out tonight, but he gets a special "Atta boy" for ANOTHER team saving three innings or relief. It's huge.

And with that, I'm done talking about baseball tonight.  I expect tomorrow and Wednesday to go better as Dan Haren can't pitch either of those.