Friday, April 16, 2010

Looking Ahead: Let's Get Fisted

There's no way to make that sound right, nor is there any way to make Chip Caray sound like a competent announcer.

Before I get into anything for tonight, I just want to offer you this in regards to yesterday's debacle.

Click on the following links to view condensed versions of Brewers/Cubs, Rangers/Indians & D-Backs/Dodgers from yesterday. It'll make you feel better about he Rockies game momentarily... and then you'll remember they lost two of three to Milwaukee and you feel like crap again. But at least you'll have that short moment of comfort.

Hammel vs. Lowe

I think we've seen enough of Derek Lowe over the years to know what's he about. Sinkerballer in the exact same mold as Aaron Cook. Cook probably relies on his a little more, but Lowe also lives and dies with it when it's crunch time.

The Rockies will hope Todd Helton (flu) and Brad Hawpe (quad) are well enough to play in this one. Both men are hitting well over .300 in their careers against Lowe.

Jason Hammel pitched six beautiful innings in his season debut on Saturday. Unfortunately there was that one hiccup inning in between. I was very encouraged to see how well he responded to that setback instead of folding and killing the bullpen. Maybe he's ready to step up and solidify a middle of the rotation slot... or maybe it was just one game.

One other bit of news...

Jim Tracy got another chesspiece with the call-up of Joe Biemel. That timing works out very well when you're looking Chipper Jones, Brian McCann, Nate McLouth and Jason Heyward square in the face the next three days.

Projected Lineup 

LF Smith
CF Spilborghs
1B Helton
SS Tulowitzki
RF Hawpe
C Iannetta
3B Stewart
2B Bamres
P Hammel


The simulation was WAY off on all three Mets games, which means I have GREAT news for you on tonight's game in Atlanta.

Braves 13, Rockies 4

Jason Hammel = bad. 4 IP, 8 ER, 9 H, 3 BB, K. Matt Belisle backed him up with 1 inning of 4 run ball. Each player in the Braves lineup, Lowe included, reached base and drove in a run by the 6th inning.

Offensively: Todd Helton and Ian Stewart each had an RBI double. Ryan Spilborghs and Hammel also had an RBI.

Hopefully the ugliness here is a sign of positive things to come, not an exaggeration of the abomination we saw yesterday.