Friday, April 16, 2010

Rock Crappy Recap: Hammel Hammered

Braves 9, Rockies 5

Overall, a much improved effort from the Rockies tonight.

Seriously!  I mean it!

No sloppiness was evident on defense.  The offense put together a couple solid innings, with Seth Smith contributing the pinch-hit 3-run homer.  The bullpen was honestly pretty awesome. Thank you Manny Corpas, Joe Beimel, Matt Belisle and Randy Flores.

The loss pretty much boiled down to one person and one inning.

Losing Player: Jason Hammel

For the second straight start, Hammel just couldn't avoid that one big inning. I take that back, he DID avoid it in the first by getting a huge double play grounder, he just couldn't escape twice.

And here's the problem he ran into in both innings: Hitter's counts for just about every damn hitter he faced. I can't even honestly recall one hitter that he had in a hole. It was a constant uphill battle in every count. That will always result in quick showers.

Here's just a quick breakdown of that inning for Hammel.

  • Heyward single (2-2) 
  • Cabrera single (2-2) 
  • Ross single (3-2) 
  • Lowe sacrificed (0-1) 
  • McLouth single (1-0) 
  • Prado walked (3-1) 
  •  C. Jones walked (3-2) 
  •  Hinske single (3-2) 
  • Escobar single (1-0) 
  • Heyward single (0-2)

So I take that back. He has Heyward down and couldn't finish the job. Not surprising when you've thrown 70 pitches in two innings.

The Braves sent 12 men to the plate in total, hit for 35 minutes, and scored a damn touchdown.  There's not a lot more that needs to be added to that.

The Rockies now at 5-5, which is exactly where they belong after this very average and uninspiring opening 10 game stretch.  That puts them with the likes of the Washington Nationals, who have played with much more focus and fundamental skill, despite their lack of major league talent.

Hopefully the next ten start off much better with Ubaldo Jimenez on the mound.  I'll be here again to give my Running Thoughts as long as no plans change.

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