Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Running Thoughts: Jimenez vs. E. Jackson

Ian Stewart was interviewed by the folks over at MLB Trade Rumors.

Quite the interesting lineup tonight for the Rockies.  Eric Young Jr. does get a start at second base... and he's leading off.  Fowler hits second.  The speed there is off the charts with those two.  Helton and Tulowitzki hit in their customary 3 and 4 spots.

Carlos Gonzalez slides down to 5th.  I like it.  I've been very anxious to see CarGo moved to an RBI position in the order.  I think he'll thrive there now, and I think he'd thrive there if the Rockies elect to trade Brad Hawpe at some point in the near future.

Olivo hits 6th, Stewart 7th, and there's Seth Smith hitting 8th.  That's one damn good #8 hitter.  Very excited to see how this lineup performs tonight.
1st Inning

  • Jimenez with a 7 pitch 1-2-3 inning.  That's a start right there.  
  • How hard did Tulo hit that ball?  So hard that Fowler couldn't score from first on a ball to the wall.  That's freaking scalded.  
  • I love Carlos Gonzalez is an RBI position!  2-run double to the RF corner.
  • Miguel Olivo down the LF line for an RBI two bagger.  Great start.  
  • Rockies 3, D-Backs 0
2nd Inning
  • Announcer fail by George Frazier.  
  • Another quickie 1-2-3 for Ubaldo.  Let's keep raking.  
  • Rockies offense pelting Jackson out there.  Lead single by Smith, walk by Young, Fowler singles one home.  Terrific start.
  • Helton add one more with a single to left.  Fowler out at third.  Iffy baserunning decision there with the play right in front of him.  
  • Gonzalez loves the 5th spot.  2-for-2 2B, 3B, 4 RBI.  
  • Rockies 7, D-Backs 0
3rd Inning
  • A high pitch inning for Jimenez but no runs come across.  Let's keep piling on.  
  • Troy Renck tweets in on De La Rosa's condition.  
  • And he we go again.  Eric Young Jr. has just singled home his first time RBI oft he season.  
  • Blaine Boyer relieves Jackson... Walks Fowler, Helton and Tulowitzki.  Kinda sad.  
  • CarGo sets a career high with his 5th RBI on a FC.  He may just add to that later on.  
  • Rockies 11, D-Backs 0
4th Inning
  • Jimenez sets a new Rockies record with 20 1/3 scoreless innings.  He might be OK at pitching.  
  • Rockies do not score in the 4th.  Repeat.  Rockies DO NOT score in the 4th.  
5th Inning
  • Jimenez cruises through another 1-2-3.  
  • Bob Howry in the game now for Arizona.  Jamie Moyer pitching tonight for Philadelphia.  Talk about two guys that have seemingly been around forever.  Moyer has been around a lot longer though... made his debut 6-16-86.  
  • Rockies tack on another on an Olivo sac fly.  
  • Rockies 12, D-Backs 0
6th Inning
  • Tulowitzki gets his first inning off of the season.  Barmes in at short.  
  • That's a 1-2-3 inning for Jimenez.  But you already just assumed that I'm sure.  
  • Rockies get a couple on but don't cash in.  Sitting comfortably on that 12-0 lead.  
7th Inning
  • Matt Daley takes over on the mound.  Giambi pinch-hit for Helton and stays in at first.  
  • Daley works a clean 7th.  
  • Pittsburgh just snapped a 22 game losing streak in Milwaukee.  Yay for Pittsburgh!  
8th Inning
  • Here's the much anticipated return of Juan Rincon!  Go get'em, Juan!