Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chris Iannetta Needs To Play Baseball

That's why I'm fine with the Rockies optioning him down to Colorado Springs, because at least I know he'll be playing everyday for the forseeable future.

People will support Chris Iannetta (I've been one of those people) through this "demoition" while others will see this as a reason to count him out. Personally, I just want Chris to have a chance to get on the field consistently and establish something... anything.

I feel like every time he has a 2-3 game slip up in performance, the rug gets pulled out from under him. He's gone from the lineup. His replacement takes off for awhile, which is fantastic for the team, but Chris becomes the afterthought. That doesn't help him develop, and it sure doesn't give me a good idea of what Chris can do, or how he can bounce back.

I imagine that's not too good for a player's confidence either. He sees the commitment being made to the talent around him (Ian Stewart, Dexter Fowler, Carlos Gonzalez, Clint Barmes) as they've struggled through rough stretches, but he's never seen that same confidence shown in him.

Maybe there's more to story that isn't out there for the public to see or hear about Chris. That's entirely possible, and maybe even likely, but I can't honestly sit here and write that Chris Iannetta is no longer of use to the Colorado Rockies. Not yet.

Just the same I can't sit here and tell you things I wrote 18 months ago or 3 months are true about Chris. Maybe it turns out he's not the all-star I thought he would be. Maybe he peaked in 2008 and he's just settling into his future as a marginal backup. Who knows?

In this world where everybody needs to take a side or pass judgment, I can't do that with Chris. Not until I get a feel for how he reacts to what's happened now. Not until he gets a real chance to play baseball everyday.

Playing baseball is what he needs to be doing at this stage of his career.

Playing baseball is the only way he, us, the Rockies, or anyone will ever know what he's really made of.

As for Miguel Olivo...

I love what Miguel has brought to the team in these three weeks, but I have to tell you, I'm afraid there's a reality that's going to set in about Olivo in the near future. That reality involves pitchers not throwing him fastballs anymore. It also involves more nights like last night, where the opposition says to hell with his percentage throwing out baserunners, he's still Miguel Olivo.

I'm very frightened by that thought, but I'm also willing to give Miguel the same chances to play games that I am Chris. I just feel like I already know what Olivo is, and I'm worried that won't be good enough in the longhaul. At least with Chris I don't for sure, and I still hold on to a fading hope that his upside is in a totally different ballpark thant Miguel's.

That's my take from 1,000 miles west and a mile below the purple row.


Anonymous said...

The Rockies made a mistake in signing Chris Iannetta to a new contract. They should have scouted for a better replacement for him. Torrealba was a better catcher but like they normally do, they don't pay their players.

Clint Barmes should be sent down to the Skysocks with him.

And when has Carlos Gonzales and Ian Stewart stuggled this year. They haven't. They are two of the more consistent players this year.

I think over 1000 miles removed from the city and team puts your perspective off quite a bit.

And you spell "demoition" demotion.

Mark Townsend said...

To say the Rockies don't pay players is an old, tired argument. Besides, you wanted them to overpay a backup like Yorvit Torrealba? Alright. I'm quite thankful you're not running the team.

Clint Barmes has no minor league options left, so that move isn't realistic.

Carlos Gonzalez and Ian Stewart both stuggled last season, yet the team stuck with them through it to terrific results. I'm not saying Iannetta would have benefitted the same, but he's never really been afforded a chance to play through his struggles.

My deepest apologies for the typo on spelling demotion. We'll try to clean that up for you next time. Thanks for your honest opinions though. Those are always appreciated.

Jerry said...

I agree with Mr. Anonymous that it was a mistake to give Iannetta that contract. But then he turns around and says they don't pay players.

That statement doesn't hold water when you look at the contracts Street and Betancourt signed. Are you pissed they didn't overpay Matt Holliday? What a joke that would have been.

I think Mark's perspective of the Rockies is pretty solid.

Emmy said...

Tell Anonymous it's "SkySox" not "Skysocks"