Thursday, August 5, 2010

Is Aaron Cook That Dumb?

Or are the Rockies just unintentionally portraying him that way?

If we're to believe the stories we're hearing today, then Aaron Cook has been pitching hurt/injured for the last month.

You know that nagging turf toe problem that bites him from time to time? It's back again, and it's causing Cook to alter his mechanics and elevate his sinker on a regular basis.

Or something.

Here's what I believe.

One of two things are true.

1. The Rockies are lying.

They can say they're not making any excuses all that want, but I wouldn't blame them for wanting to defend the all-time winningest pitcher in franchise history. I would prefer honestly of course, but if Cook is that respected in the clubhouse/front office that they would lie to cover for him, fine.

Just know that covering for him doesn't make him a hero in the fans eyes. It makes him look like an idiot.

Which leads to #2.

If they are telling the truth, and Cook has been pitching injured.

2. Aaron Cook really is an idiot.

BSing your trainers and coaching staff is about as unprofessional as it gets. Your job as a pitcher is to give your team the best chance to win. When you're hurt, you can't do that. When you can't do that, you tell someone and get the hell out of the way.

Plain and simple.

And if that's not enough.
All Things Rockies

Cook admitted that he had altered his mechanics as a result of the toe — which hurt right at the end of his delivery when his right foot raised up in its finish. Cook was starting to throw across his body. That’s what happened last year and he ended up hurting his shoulder. He hopes to return in late August or early September.
You already f***ed up your shoulder one time trying to pitch through this exact same problem. Now you're doing it again? Are you serious?

Probably not.

Cook is a guy I respect almost endlessly. He battled his way back from blood clots in his lungs. He's pitched a ton of quality innings and held the rotation together through a couple rough seasons. He has been a quality guy and was a stand up guy when he passed the torch to Ubaldo.

I have a very difficult time believing he would be as selfish and desperate as this news portrays him to be.  And I also have a difficult time believing he would be foolish enough to risk damaging his shoulder again.

My gut says it's #1.  More importantly, my brain says it's #1.

But I say that knowing both have been wrong a 1,000 times before.