Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rock Soild Recrap: Airline Loses Rockies Focus

I realize the Rockies fly a little different than you and I.  Just work with me here.  

I hate it when that happens.

Mainly because it happens every damn time this team goes on the road.

Focus. Fundamentals. Execution. All of them. Gone. On the road.

Blame the airlines. It sure isn't Jim Tracy's or Don Baylor's or anybody else in a Rockies uniform's fault.


I don't care what they say, the transition from altitude to sea level just kills #Rockies batters. as @TroyRenck points out, 7 Ks in 9 outs.
Truth in that? Yes.

But you can only take that excuse so far.

For example: That's James freaking McDonald handing you your lunch. James McDonald. That can't happen at any ballpark, regardless of where you played the day before.

Special note to Pirates fans: McDonald probably won't be that good again in a Pirates uniform.  I'm sorry.  The Rockies just have a way of making average pitchers look amazing.  Be careful to set your expectations too high.  

Also -- you have to find ways around it. Those ways include focusing better, pitching better, and playing alert defense. None of that happened in the early going of tonight's game -- which is when this game was decided.

To summarize: The Rockies were never in this baseball game.

Jeff Francis

Pretty hittable. Hung out to dry by his defense a couple times, but overall nothing special. Didn't keep his team in the game at all.

The Defense

My Focus

Gone. I can't write anymore on this. It wears me out.


Jason Hammel vs Zach Duke

Jason Hammel's brother Bill lives in Pittsburgh according to his Twitter. Jason Hammel was on Twitter for two days but closed his account. Jason Hammel is better at pitching than Zach Duke.

Please win.