Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jeff Francis Back To DL

Tough news with Jeff Francis headed to the DL today with shoulder soreness. He was actually pitching well again lately, but I was noticing a pattern developing of him wearing down after 4-5 starts.

He started the season building his strength and pitching well, then dropped off the earth. Rejuvenated himself over the all-star, hit another good patch, but was again on a path of wearing down.

Probably would be a wise idea to shut Francis down for the season (might be necessary regardless) and allow him to get a head start on rest, and then shoulder strengthening, and then prep for the 2011 season.

Would also be wise to never expect Francis to be a 25+ start a year type of guy again in his career. If Jeff also senses that possibility it could allow the Rockies to get him back at a reduced, low-risk salary for the 2011. If not, as tough as it is, Rockies may have to look to move on here.

This news does take a little pressure off of Esmil Rogers tonight. His spot in the rotation seems to be safe until the Rockies figure out what exactly they want to do with Aaron Cook.