Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rock Solid Recrap: Dumb & Dumberer

I couldn't tell which team was which there for a couple innings. I just knew there was a 10 inning baseball game littered with really dumb baseball.

The Brewers are Colorado lite in 2010. Much more talented than their record would indicate, though not as talented as the Rockies. Very sloppy, especially on the base paths and while executing simple things like an intentional walk. And they have some ugly ABs in run scoring situations.

It all looks and sounds very familiar.

And these are your two NL Wild Card teams in the last three seasons. Go senior circuit!

I took a lot of crap from people last year when I would criticize Troy Tulowitzki's base running. Sorry folks. It pretty much is what it is. He's aggressive, yes, but aggressive and smart aren't exactly a happily married couple. They don't hang out very often. And Troy didn't do his part in uniting them this evening.


Jim Tracy completely lost touch with me from the bottom of the 9th on. I couldn't get a good handle on anything he was trying to accomplish.

The 9th inning bunt to move the winning run into scoring position isn't always the worst idea, but I always prefer allowing a clutch run producer like Ryan Spilborghs a chance to be a clutch run producer.

I mean why not? You know 100% of the time once you give away that out the opponent will walk the next guy to set up the DP. You're really not gaining anything. The 90 feet are always nice, but you need 270 there. It still takes a hit to get the job done. And you have one less chance to get that hit, while increasing you chance of one ball in play ending your inning.

Bunt with EY or Fowler or Barmes there. Not Spilly.

Huston Street for more than one inning should never happen unless it's an emergency. He's never been a multiple inning reliever. He's a closer by trade. Closers are pretty much conditioned to put everything they have into their one inning. It was playing with fire, and the fire scorched this time around.

Another baffling thing to me in the bottom of the 10th. Why pinch-hit Smith for Fowler at the top? Why not let the LEAD-OFF freaking hitter (98% of the time) hit lead-off in a one run game. Or do you really not believe in him as a lead-off man?

Maybe you don't, because he was out of that spot in the lineup the minute EY returned. I'm not saying I'm against that, and if that is the case, fine. Then this makes more sense, but not still not a whole lot of sense. I'd like my speed guy at the time hopefully reaching base and creating havoc. Take your big swings with Smith and Giambi to possibly win the game or tie with a gapper.

But what the hell do I know?


Ubaldo Jimenez makes another start after a Rockies loss. He doesn't seem to mind the pressure, which is good, but it'd sure be nice to be looking to extent a winning streak at some point on his turn.

Manny Parra will throw for the Brewers. I'm definitely worried he'll turn in one of those better than usual outings tomorrow. His wacky wildness is a lot like Jonathan Sanchez, who flat owned the Rockies at Coors Field a couple weeks ago.

I will also have more thoughts on tonight's game in a Table Scraps post in the AM. Including some thoughts on Esmil Rogers, Eric Young and more Bob Uecker. Look for that.