Monday, August 30, 2010

Rock Solid Recap: All Caught Up

Thank you MLB.TV for your condensed game option. Really helps a brother out after a long weekend away from the action.

That 18th win the Rockies can't seem to get Ubaldo Jimenez? That pales in comparison to the struggles Jason Hammel has endured to notch each of his 9 victories. It's not that Hammel isn't earning them with his effort, he is, the chips just haven't fallen where he's needed them to fall.

That is why I do believe the win stat is overrated when evaluating talent and a career, but it's still a significant thing to keep track of. If for no other reason than to prove how tough winning baseball games is at the major league level, not just for an individual pitcher, but for teams in general.

Things fell right for Hammel yesterday. The main reason? Not exactly his pitching (I blame that entirely on Gary Sederstrom's a ridiculously small strike zone), but his hitting. Two base knocks on the day. The first one an RBI single that not only extended an inning, but opened the flood gates for a game-clinching five run frame. (highlight).

It didn't hurt that baseballs were flying on a Sunday afternoon. Mostly Rockies baseballs.

So the offense has once again stabilized at home, just in time to go back on the road to San Francisco.

September comes at the same time every year, but it's definitely coming at the right time for the Rockies bullpen. They're down a Manny Corpas for the season. Rafael Betancourt is achy and struggling. Joe Beimel and Matt Belisle have to be on fumes at this point. Huston Street has been worked into the ground since coming off the DL.

Reinforcements are needed desperately. We'll see them on Tuesday.


The most important series of the season kicks off. Road series, against a team your chasing, and you may be playing without Troy Tulowitzki, who tweaked a groin late in Sunday's win.

Must find a way to win.

Jorge De La Rosa vs Jonathan Sanchez