Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend In Review: They Beat LA


Rock Solid Recrap of Friday's frustrating loss.

Rock Solid Recap of Saturday's domination by Jhoulys Chacin.

Rock Solid Recap of Sunday's rubber match victory.

I'm not ready to declare Rockies Baseball Magic or LoDo Magic or the Hunt for Rocktober to be on just yet though.

Aside from finally outplaying a team the Rockies have been more talented than for the past four years, there really isn't anything magical going on right now. It's not magic. The smell in the air isn't a run at the playoffs. It's just a baseball team doing what it has done all season -- dominate at home.

Despite the home stand, the Rockies will still need a lot of help from the outside to get where they want to go. That is why I repeatedly say one thing. I never said the Rockies were done, because they weren't and they still aren't close to done. I always said they were putting themselves in a far tougher position than they should be in.

That still holds true, because they are still in a far tougher predicament than they should be in. That hole they dug for themselves in May and the second half of July is where they remain. They aren't getting all the way out unless they help themselves on the road (starting tonight would be fantastic), and get help from everywhere all the time.

It's still a long, tough road ahead. Still a lot of GOOD teams to pass in the standings. Cardinals and Giants are absolutely struggling. Great to gain ground on them while you can, but they will very likely stabilize. The Phillies just swept out in San Diego. They aren't rolling over and dying.

You're dealing with really good teams in your path to the playoffs. Teams with experience and teams with talent. This isn't 2007 or 2009 where you're leap-frogging bleh teams at a record pace en route to October. This is a serious challenge.

I know for myself I'm waiting until the Rockies have a winning road trip before I go over the top in my LoDo magic/Rocktober excitement. I absolutely believe they could sustain playing at that level, but until I see it, I have to contain myself.