Monday, August 23, 2010

Rock Solid Recap: Helton Owns The Night

We've seen it a couple hundred times before, but that doesn't make it any less special (or thrilling) when Todd Helton takes over a baseball game and wills his Rockies to a hard fought victory.

The 8th inning AB was vintage Todd Helton. It's the type of AB every hitting coach dreams all of his hitters could pull off, but only a select few in the game have the patience and the ability to do.

Lefty reliever Jonny Venters (who made his ML debut during Ubaldo's no-hitter) threw everything he had at Todd (literally -- Helton was brushed back by a high-and-tight fastball that actually result in a foul ball), but Helton stood his ground and waited for the one pitch he could deliver.

Helton's Game-winning hit (Highlight)

Simple as that... for Todd that is.

By the way, Todd had three other hits in the game. Those three all came against Tim Hudson, whom he is now 9-for-13 against lifetime. Talk about a great hitter raising his game against a great pitcher.

Oh... and some defense from The Toddfather as well... (Seriously, no highlight of that?)

Enjoy some Tulo (Highlight) and EY Jr. (Highlight) instead.

Jason Hammel

Another tough luck ND for Hammel. That's better than a tough loss, of course, but this guy deserves to have another 4-5 wins on his total.  Oh well, like I seem to say every time he throws, his teammates appreciate the quality work he's giving the team.  That's all that matters.  And the team W of course.

Huston Street

I'm ashamed of the people at Coors Field that booed this man. Come on people, he's not perfect, but there are only two closers (Brian Wilson & Heath Bell) in the NL that I would definitely rather have than Street. For the most part of save chances are spotless, especially when not pitching on fumes.

He's still the best option the Rockies have. And without him and Franklin Morales (seriously) holding down 9th innings last season, the Rockies don't make the playoffs. Credit has to go where it's due, Huston Street is solid in his role.

Note To Braves Fans

Stop whining about the CarGo call. Remember this? We're even now. Shut up and deal with it.


Jorge De La Rosa vs Derek Lowe

Let's see another well played baseball game with the timing hitting included. Those are my favorites.