Monday, August 23, 2010

Rock Solid Recap: Meet Your New #2

All due respect to Jason Hammel (whom I've admired and supported since his arrival to Denver last April), the Rockies number two in 2011 will be the young man you saw on the mound yesterday afternoon.

I haven't gone back to watch every pitch that was thrown by Jhoulys Chacin. I don't think I need to (though it might be fun to hear the commentaters describe the brilliance) to understand how good he was. The condensed version tells the story well enough.

The kid was dealing. The kid was missing bats. The kid was in control from pitch #1 to pitch #100. The kid put the baseball team on his back and carried them to victory.

I don't care what the standings say, to come through with that type of dominant outing as his team struggles to piece together anything resembling good baseball, speaks volumes to the ability and the mindset he has. Can't say enough about it.

Between Chacin and Esmil Rogers (very good on Friday), fans suddenly have two new legitimate reasons to watch Rockies games. Not that most of us need a reason to watch, but those who do should definitely be paying attention to these kids.

Huston Street


Oh, right, he's had more 1-2-3 saves in a Rockies uniform than anything close to a disaster. He's still by far the best option for the ninth inning, and I actually applaud and congratulate Jim Tracy for sticking with his guy in this spot. He'll be fine.

Just don't run him into the ground! Make him your main closer, but don't be afraid to go another direction when he's thrown 2-3 days in a row, or thrown a high of pitchers on a single day. Be smart about it.

Dexter Fowler

Is a really good outfielder. Almost too good for his own good.

Careful out there.

The Offense

Still blows. Move along.


Speaking of Jason Hammel, he'll be taking on Tim Hudson at Coors Field.  Could a 2-game winning streak be on the horizon?  Could the Rockies score more than 0 or 1?  So many questions, with so many likely depressing answers.

Come on back to Coors Field with us.