Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rock Solid Recap: Never A Boring Day At 20th & Blake

There's a whole mess of emotions to sort through today.

The Rockies won by the way.

In a lot of ways it feels like the worst loss of the season.

But they didn't lose. Thankfully.

Ubaldo Jimenez

Is a big reason they didn't lose today, and is the only reason we're having fantasies about another miracle run.

He started slow, but finished like a horse, a stud, an ace, a beast. The strides this man continues to make as a big league all-star are just incredible. To not have your best stuff early, but to rebound, to find your groove, to give your team eight strong innings when it looked like six might be pushing it. You thank your lucky stars you have a guy that special on your team.

It's unfortunate he didn't get his much deserved franchise record-breaking win today. This is the second straight start he should have had it, but it just goes to show why the 20 win and 300 win plateau is so special. It's hard to win games in MLB.

Huston Street

I can't put a whole lot of blame on the guy. I just can't. Or maybe I should because he never tells his manager he's not available today, because his manager is too GD clueless to understand the limitations of his closer.

Stop using Huston for two innings. He can't handle it.

Stop using Huston for three days straight. He can't handle it. Not many relievers can. Mariano Rivera can't, that's why Joe Girardi hasn't used him for three days straight all season. And Mariano is the G.O.A.T.

Get a clue, Tracy. Get a freaking clue.

Clint Barmes

I'm honestly not that upset with Clint for making a physical error. That happens. It happens to everyone. Sometimes it just happens at the worst possible time, which is exactly what that was.

I'm much more annoyed with his useless plate appearances of late. His and Miguel Olivo's, who would be named the worst player on the field in today's game if that award existed and I was in charge of naming him.

Rockies fans are now begging for the old Miguel Olivo to return. Honestly folks, this is the old and real Miguel Olivo we're seeing right now. This is the guy that doesn't last on a squad more than two years. We want the mirage version of Miguel Olivo, not the old one.

Time for another commitment to Chris Iannetta.

Eric Young

Shouldn't be used in the OF unless it's absolutely necessary. When the Rockies have all five of their regular OFers healthy, it's not necessary. More cluelessness from the skipper.

Troy Tulowitzki

Continues to hold the team together with his clutchness. Seriously. If the Rockies hadn't won Friday and today, this situation would be declared a national disaster. Tulo won't allow that to happen.


Another of those well timed days off.

Back in action Tuesday in LA. As all over the place as it has been for the Rockies lately, it's actually 10 times worse in LA. Amazing. Very winnable road series if this team had any confidence playing on the road, which they apparently don't.