Sunday, August 15, 2010

Table Scraps: Eric Young, Esmil Rogers and more

Some leftover thoughts I couldn't squeeze into last night's Rock Solid Recrap.

2nd Base Situation

I've always been in the Clint Barmes camp because of his defense and occasional (often well-timed) extra base hits.

That's changing now. That's changing because the offense around Clint Barmes is changing. Helton's power is down. Ian Stewart has been inconsistent. Brad Hawpe is all over the place. The offense just isn't as stable as it needs to be. so what Clint Barmes typically provides isn't good enough.

The defense always will be good enough, but the way the offensive is evolving leaves the Rockies in a spot where they can't afford an offensive player that struggles to reach base and struggles worse making productive outs.

That's where guys like Eric Young and Jonathan Herrera come in. They may be a step down defensively (Herrera isn't really much, but Young is), but their ability to be a pain in the ass creates run scoring opportunities this team can't manufacture right now.

Again, I like Clint Barmes. He's not the only problem here, but his value compared to his salary doesn't measure out well, and the options behind him are exactly what the team needs.

Esmil Rogers

There's a lot to work with (and like) here because his stuff is excellent and his composure/attitude is even a level above that. Don't get too caught in the numbers, just be happy with 5 2/3 innings of baseball that gave his team a chance to win. And then be excited that with a little more development, this kid will be a solid fixture in the rotation end of next year or early 2012.

Bob Uecker

I muted the TV and tuned in Uecker again last night. He spent a good half inning indirectly lecturing Jon Miller on how Coors Field is fair to both sides.

To paraphrase the Ueck.

"Sure a home run here might not be a home run somewhere else, but it's a home run for both sides here."

It kind of nauseates me that a true professional and truly brilliant broadcaster/journalist/entertainer like Uecker has to share a wing in the Hall of Fame with a whiner like Jon Miller.

Mike McClendon

The 25-year old right-hander made his Major League debut and did so by throwing three perfect innings. Not bad at all.

Of course the Rockies have been awfully generous to unproven (or flat out bad) pitchers in 2010, but in this case you definitely tip your cap to the young man stepping on a big league field for the first time and being dominant. Congrats to him.