Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rock Solid Recap: Superstar Wednesday

A very solid win today over a very hot San Francisco Giants squad.

It happened because every Rockies superstar in uniform had a BIG day.

Ubaldo Jimenez

Has cleared the mental hurdle and corrected whatever mechanical issues were holding him back. I'm very thankful for that because the start in Philadelphia had me extremely worried about his psyche (and mechanics) going forward this season.

Jimenez was in attack mode right out of the gate. He was commanding his pitches better, though not perfectly. Still ran into some extended pitch counts, but was eventually able to put those hitters away with the fastball, the slider, and a splitfinger that was absolutely filthy.

And how about those wheels in the 3rd inning? Legs out the infield hit and then scores from first on the Spilborghs double. (Highlight)

Heaven & Helton exclusive (official sounding): Why that wasn't bad baserunning by Spilborghs

Hats off to "The Chief" on his all around great day.

Heaven & Helton: More on Ubaldo.  

Carlos Gonzalez

Please please please take this swing with you to Pittsburgh and New York. Please! You don't have to swing harder on the road, just keep swinging like you're swinging right now. The ball absolutely jumps off your bat. It'll jump just as much anywhere!

Home Run #1 (Highlight)

Home Run #2 (Highlight)

Troy Tulowitzki

That longball had to feel good. A striaght up bomb to straight away center. Like I told CarGo, Tulo, please pack that swing in your suitcase. We're going to need it on the road.

Tulo's Blast (Highlight)   

Todd Helton

Flashed a little leather.
Mora Injury

Tough break for Melvin. Ugh. Hated to see that.

Bautista is an awful pitcher. No clue where the baseball is going on a given pitch. Just atrocious command and even worse poise on the mound. We saw that in Colorado. Why the Giants continue employing this clown is beyond me, but he's out there, and the Rockies will be lucky if they aren't missing Mora for an extended period of time.


It's on to the second most beautiful park in the National League (behind Coors Field), PNC Park in Pittsburgh.

The Rockies send a recently rejuvinated Jeff Francis out there against James McDonald, a former Dodger that was just acquired at the trade deadline for Octavio Dotel. McDonald has a 4.63 career ERA against the Rockies in five appearances (two starts).

I'm looking for a really good start to what is a do orr die road trip.


David Martin said...

I remember you saying something on Twitter at the end of the last road trip about Carlos Gonzalez looking like he was ready for a big home stand....good call!