Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rock Solid Recap: Bizarre Night

For several reasons.

1. Aaron Cook pitched well.

Not just well, very well. Not sure how many people expected this.

For a guy who missed a good month of ML action, you have to be pleased with what you saw. Cook looked healthy... and I don't just mean physically, he looked pretty good mentally as well. I an cautiously optimistic about what Cook can give the team the final month of the season.

2. Melvin Mora tripled.

I was secretly pulling for back-to-back triples with Mora and Giambi, but I gladly accepted the HR as a consolation (highlight). Can't be too picky at this point.

3. Jason Giambi made a web gem.

Giambi played his best all-around game of the season. He's had better nights in the batters box, but the Rockies simply don't win this game without this web gem (highlight).

4. The Rockies offense did it's typical disappearing act on the road from the 3rd inning on... and still won.

I would be curious to learn how many teams (home or away) have won a game in which 19 of their batters were retired in a row during a stretch. Maybe an extra inning game would be more likely, but I doubt it happens often in a nine inning game.

5. Jim Tracy managed a nice game.

Q: Is Sam Deduno going to develop into a good pitcher?

A:  Probably.

Q: Is he ready to be that guy now?

A: Not close. 

Q: Was it unfair to use him in a late and close situation tonight?

A: Possibly. 

Q: Did Jim Tracy have much of a choice?

A: Nope.

I thought Tracy managed Aaron Cook well tonight. I would have liked to have seen Iannetta in the lineup again, but you can't get everything you want.  The bullpen is all out of order right now (a lot of that goes on Tracy for his mishandling throughout the season), but under the circumstances of this specific one game season that was played tonight, Jim Tracy did a solid job.

6. Franklin Morales pitched well....

Just kidding.  It wasn't that crazy.

Special hat tips to Jonathan Herrera, Carlos Gonzalez, Troy Tulowitzki, Rafael Betancourt and Huston Street for being a big part of the win tonight.


Jason Hammel vs. Jon Garland

Another chance to win a road series. Get that job done and I guarantee you my optimism will increase by one level. To guarded probably, but that's better than nothing.

Don't forget this is a Fox afternoon game.