Friday, September 3, 2010

Lineup Card: Rockies @ Padres

-- Who is Cory Luebke?  Yahoo's Roto Arcade gives a snippet of information.  

You'll see that Yahoo ranks the starters scheduled for action tonight (for fantasy baseball purposes only).  Did you see where Aaron Cook ranked?  Mhm... 28th out of 30.  And that's throwing in a pitcher's ballpark.  Assuming they aren't counting on Cook getting a win this evening.  

-- A Minor Moral Victory from last night's loss.

Rockies Lineup (69-64)
  1. CF  Fowler
  2. 2B  Herrera
  3. RF  Gonzalez
  4. SS  Tulowitzki
  5. 3B  Mora
  6. 1B  Giambi
  7. LF  Spilborghs
  8. C    Olivo
  9. P    Cook
Jim Tracy officially dislikes Chris Iannetta.

Padres Lineup (76-56)
  1. 2B  Eckstein
  2. SS  Tejeda
  3. 1B  Gonzalez
  4. RF  Ludwick
  5. 3B  Headley
  6. CF  Venable
  7. C    Torrealba
  8. LF  Denorfia
  9. P    Luebke