Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's links: NL West offseason review, Larry Walker's HOF chances

We're back after a nice, cozy, surprisingly mild weathered holiday season here in northwest Illinois. Not only was it not a white Christmas or New Year, it felt like spring training weather. I wouldn't be offended if it continued this way all the way through March, and then happened again next winter. 

Make it happen, Mother Nature.

Since there hasn't been much real news concerning the Rockies roster over the past couple of weeks, and since I don't have any real baseball thoughts as I recover from the travel and countless turkey sandwiches, I figured I'd throw together a collection of links to keep us entertained for a few days.

1. Andrew Fisher reviewed the offseason for all five squads in the National League West. It's definitely worth a look as we set up for the hot stove home stretch. Purple Row

2. Chris Jaffe over at The Hardball Times provides an in depth preview of next Monday's Hall of Fame results. It's an interesting read, and he even goes as far as to predict how the voting will break down. See where he projects former Rockies great Larry Walker to finish on the ballot. Next week's Coopertown election results today

3. Struggling to come up with reasons to believe the Rockies will be better in 2012? Don't worry, Travis Lay from the Blake Street Bulletin has five reasons to believe it.

4. David Martin of Rockies Review simply asks: Have the Rockies done enough?

5. Frank over at Druidlove Sports takes a look at multi-purpose stadiums in wake of yesterday's Winter Classic. Who knows, maybe Coors Field will host of one those someday. With a change of sports venues

You can also follow Frank on Twitter: @druidlove

6. We saved the best for last. Congratulations are in order for our friend Michelle Hoag. Michelle impressed all of us with the hard work she put into running her Rockies Woman blog, and that hard work paid off as she will now take on the role of editor for Rox Pile. Its a much deserved opportunity for her and we certainly wish her well!

Check out Michelle's new home: Rox Pile